Busy days!

Yeay! It looks like our three courses will be launched at Coursera next week! – and so we are very busy getting our start pages and promotional material together for the launch. Marita will be going with a vice chancellor’s delegation to Stanford next week and Coursera has arranged a meeting with us. It will be great to see their offices and meet the people we have been working with. The launch is planned so that it will coincide with our meeting.  Just a short update, now back to work – you can expect more updates on this by the beginning of next week!

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Visit at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm


Lunch together with the KI team in the beautiful new building at campus

Today we went to Stockholm to meet with people at Karolinska Institutet. They will be offering courses through edX in the fall and had invited us to a meeting were we could exchange experiences from producing MOOCs. It was a great opportunity for us to learn about their MOOC process. They have a somewhat different project organisation than us, the production team takes a much larger responsibility in designing the courses for example. They recommended that we keep track of how much time we spend on different tasks during the production and that we use a project management tool. This first year we did introduce Trello as a project management tool, but we haven’t forced the teams to use it. Next time around we might want all teams to use the same tool to make the process more transparent and ensure quality. They also recommended us to first produce a ”pilot week” for each course to get used to the platform. Although we got a lot of food for thought with us home we also found that there we shared many experiences with the KI team. For example they too had gone through a lengthy process of deciding how to deal with the legal concerns related to MOOCs. They also found that working closely together with the communications unit of the university was crucial to make the launch of the MOOCs successful.

All in all it was a very well spent day in Stockholm for our whole group and we thank the KI team led by Cormac McGrath for hosting the event.


Linda Barman, KI


Thomas Nixon, video production


Cormac McGrath, project management


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Open seminar/webinar


Skärmavbild 2014-05-22 kl. 09.49.03Yesterday we arranged an open seminar on the MOOC-project at Lund University. The seminar was also streamed via Adobe Connect Pro. We were happy to see so many faces both in the room and watching online. Marita introduced the project and a panel consisting of Julius Kvissberg, Lena Landgren, Anette Agardh, Magnus Svensson, Aleh Cherp and Åsa Lindberg-Sand all gave their views on their experiences of the project so far. The audience also got the chance to ask questions about the project. The seminar was recorded and can be watched here. Note that we had some problems with the sounds at the beginning of the seminar so start it around 06.45 to get the sound.

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Promotional videos

Finally time to produce our promotional videos – i e the ”trailers” for our three MOOCs!  Today, film producer Jens and his team filmed the promo video for both Greening the Economy and Introduction to European Business Law. It was an intense day that started at eight in the morning at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (yes, that really is its very long name) and probably (I wasn’t there until the end) didn’t end until five or six over at the Faculty of Law. Today I didn’t have to do more than keeping in the background and serve the participants and producers with some cookies and lunch sandwiches. The rest of the time I could just watch and enjoy our very enthusiastic (and photogenique) teachers and students making trailers. Next up is our course on Global perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, on Friday. We are getting prepared for launch!


Kes and Jens preparing for the first shoot of the day


Mallory is one of the students appearing in the video that will be promoting IIIEE’s masters programme within the MOOC Greening the Economy.



Jen s saying something funny to Danish student Simon

Jens saying something funny to Danish student Simon

Hans Henrik is getting ready for the EU business law trailer
Hans Henrik is getting ready for the EU business law trailer

Jens discusses the script with Moa and Mathilda from the Faculty of Law.

Jens discusses the script with Moa and Mathilda from the Faculty of Law.


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Our second video lecture workshop

Yesterday we arranged a second workshop on video lectures. We had 8 enthusiastic participants, all from IIIEE (International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics) coming to CED this rainy afternoon to do test recordings and talk MOOCs.


Anna is instructing Naoko before her test recording


Anna, who works with media training here at Lund University was present just like last time, to give tips and feedback to the participants. Some of the things she had to remind always everyone about was to try to smile and give a positive impression to the imagined audience.



Although some of the presenters felt a bit nervous at first, everyone seemed very happy after their recording and felt like they got good and useful feedback on their performances that they would be able to use.


Anna, Maria and Staffan are setting up the teleprompter while Matthias is waiting to start presenting


We used our temporary teleprompter solution – an iPad and a home-built box with a mirror – also this time and it worked quite well. It was a good experience for everyone to read from the teleprompter and adjust their pace.


Primoz and Jessika are discussing Primoz’ contribution to IIIEE’s MOOC ”Greening the Economy”




During the test recordings I also had time to sit down with the coordinators Charlotte and Jessika and some of the teachers and talk about the MOOC and discuss different pedagogical methods for engaging MOOC participants in IIIEE’s course Greening the economy.



Another fun day in the MOOC project!

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Open seminar/webinar about the MOOC project

MoocsMAP_bloggWelcome to an open seminar/webinar about the MOOC project! At this seminar you will learn what a MOOC is, what this project is all about and how we work with three faculties at Lund University to design and produce massive open online courses during 2014. The project manager, course instructors for the three courses, our librarian and other representatives from the project group will be present and there will be opportunities to ask questions and discuss possibilities and limitations with MOOCs. You can also follow the seminar online and ask questions through the chat function in Adobe Connect Pro.

Sign up here (if you want to participate online, indicate that in the form and you will get a link to the webinar before the date):



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Looong meeting about promotional video


Staff from the Faculty of Law are discussing setting for their promo video with Jens and Johan

On Tuesday this week, just before the Swedish Valborg (Walpurgis night) holiday, we arranged a meeting with all three teams and Jens Jansson, who is going to produce the ”trailers”, or promotional videos, for our MOOCs. We started in the morning with Anette Agardh from the Mecial Faculty, then the Faculty of Law team joined us and we didn’t end until just after lunch after a talk with the people from International Institute of Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE). We discussed everything from script to location. The short (1-1 1/2 minute) videos will be produced on the 12th and 16th of May.


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Workshop: Video lecture workshop!

Anna is showing Charlotte how to talk in front of the camera while Peter is preparing the teleprompter.

Anna is showing Charlotte how to talk in front of the camera while Peter is preparing the teleprompter

Today we had our first video lecture workshop out of three – with six of the teachers that will be involved in our MOOCs. The participants got the opportunity to practice doing a short recording with a script in front of the camera, using a teleprompter.

Olga is getting prepped for her recording.

Olga is getting prepped for her recording.


Staffan Lindström at CED did the filming  and Anna Johansson (who is responsible for LUs media training courses) gave feedback on the participants’ body language, voice etc. Johan Nyman (our video consultant who works with news and media at Lund U) and me and Maria Hedberg were available to discuss ideas and thoughts around MOOCs generally and video lectures specifically.



Staffan and Peter are setting up the teleprompter for Charlotte's recording session.

Staffan and Peter are setting up the teleprompter for Charlotte’s recording session.


We used a home-made teleprompter from an iPad, some cardboard boxes and a glass window and it worked surprisingly well! The participants were happy to get this chance to learn more about how they could enhance their performance in front of the camera and to practice to read text from a teleprompter in a natural way.



It was an inspiring and fun morning for all of us!

2014-04-25 10.23.17

Thomas, Anna & Marita in the meeting room

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LERU e-learning working group


The LERU e-learning working group (at least part of it)

I (Marita) have been to Brussels for two days for a meeting with the e-learning working group of the LERU-network  (LERU stands for League of European Research Universities). The first day was used to talk about MOOCs. Many of the other participating universities are now giving their second or third round of MOOCs (for example Leiden, Geneva and Edinburgh). It is interesting to exchange experiences and get tips from others who have been in the business longer than we have. Many of them tell me that teachers have started to talk about their teaching in another way since their universities started to produce MOOCs, that it has changed the way teaching and learning is discussed among the staff. Also teaching methods such as ”the flipped classroom” are used to a higher extent and teacher staff seem generally  more interested in trying out digital tools for their teaching activities. Edinburgh told us that they are now upscaling their MOOC organization as the MOOCs become a more permanent part of their course provision. Last year they published a very interesting report on their experiences from starting to producing MOOCs and they have also published a handbook on ”how to grow your own MOOC on Coursera”, that I think will be of use for us. All in all, a good meeting with lots of ideas and discussions around opportunities for future collaboration.

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Happy Easter!

Today starts the Easter holiday here in Sweden and with that comes a lot of good food and family activities. On the table we will find – except for eggs painted in different colors  – everything from salmon, roasted lamb and pickled herring to marzipan pastries and the traditional easter eggs filled with candy. If you have some time to spare between the meals and egg hunting activities why not take some time to explore the Nordic cuisine in more depth? Copenhagen University offers a MOOC on the New Nordic Diet with guest stars such as Claus Meyer, one of the co-founders of the world renowned Danish restaurant Noma.

We take a short break from our busy MOOC-activities and will return after the holidays.

Happy Easter!


Easter eggs CC BY RichardBH (Flickr.com)


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