Our first MOOC is running!

Most of us have had a couple of well deserved weeks of rest during the Christmas holidays. Except for the hard-working student coordinators at the Faculty of Law, who have been working day and night to get Lund University’s first MOOC up and running, of course. The new semester started with a bang already on January the 5th, when Introduction to European Business Law was opened to 25 000 learners from 187 countries. So cool. The forums are already bustling with energy and engaged learners from all over the world are discussing, asking questions, learning from each other. We have a competent student staff ready to help out as well. These next few weeks will be very interesting and we are of course curious to see how many of these enrolled will actually engage in and complete the course. With over 2000 followers on the course Facebook page, I think there will be a lot of interesting discussions in social media as well.

No time for rest: On January 19th our second MOOC – Greening the Economy: Lessons from Scandinavia –  opens to the public. Don’t forget to enroll (I happen to know they are offering amazing video lectures and a lot of cool examples of how individuals and company can contribute to a greener planet)! Here is one example of what you will learn in the course.


Om Marita

I am an assistant professor in Chinese at the Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University. For the past couple of years I have been working at Lund University Centre for Educational Development (CED), mainly with projects and support activities for teachers regarding online teaching and learning in higher education such as visual learning media, online learning environments, digital tools for teaching etc. SInce February 2014 I manage the Lund University MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) project.
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