Open seminar about the MOOC project and first experiences from the SRHR MOOC

On Wednesday May 27 we held an open seminar in the LUX building about the MOOC project. It was the second open seminar since the project start and this time we had the opportunity to show some results from the first courses and present our experiences from the first round of courses. Around 35 people showed up and another 20 followed the seminar online. Anette Agardh from the Medical Faculty, Peter Arnfalk from IIIEE and Magnus Svensson and Johan Schierwagen from the Faculty of Law participated and all gave 15-20 minute long presentations about their experiences and results from the first courses.

Anette, Johan and Magnus

Anette, Johan and Magnus





The audience

Part of the audience

We were happy to see so many people there and there were many questions from the audience. If you didn’t get the chance to attend the seminar, you can watch it online here (it’s in Swedish):

The MOOC Global Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights is now on its last week and it has been great to see the participants engage in vivid discussions on everything from sexual education, sexual violence, abortion, maternity health and HBTQ issues, bringing up examples from all around the world. Despite the sensitive nature of some of these issues, the tone in the discussions has been very friendly and helpful, and even though participants do not always agree, there has generally been a sense of mutual respect and a friendly atmosphere. If you still haven’t enrolled but want to see for yourself what the course is about, it is still open!

All in all, we are happy to soon be able to round up the first half of this 3 year long MOOc project. So far it has been a fantastic journey and the results and data we now have from the first two courses has been very interesting to analyze. We are very satisfied with the results and facts that tell us for example that the majority of the participants feel they have improved their understanding of the topics taught, that they now have a very positive view of Lund University and that the absolute majority would be very likely to recommend these courses to friends and colleagues. All teachers, librarians, administrators and film crew people have done an amazing job in pulling this together. We know that the teachers have learned more about how they can use digital media and digital tool to improve the quality of their teaching, and also that some of them liked the experience so much they are now eager to start new MOOCs. We are looking forward to seeing what the future may bring! Very soon, we will start working with new MOOC teams and will keep reporting in this blog about the process.

Finally, we are looking for people from Lund University that are interested in working with us in data/learning analytics. If you are a teacher at LU, work with data and statistics, are interested in students’ learning and would like to collaborate with us in an informal research group around MOOC learning analytics, let us know!

Om Marita

I am an assistant professor in Chinese at the Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University. For the past couple of years I have been working at Lund University Centre for Educational Development (CED), mainly with projects and support activities for teachers regarding online teaching and learning in higher education such as visual learning media, online learning environments, digital tools for teaching etc. SInce February 2014 I manage the Lund University MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) project.
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