Back to work!


Some members from the Greening the Economy MOOC team together with the student film team (check out their T-shirts!).

So we are back from a lovely sunny summer and ready to start working hard together with the MOOC teams in order to get our three courses up and running in the beginning of next year. Next Monday will be our official ”kick-off” when we will meet with our project team (consisting of representatives from all teams, the librarians, the corporate communications office, office for external relations and the students). Two of the teams have been filming all summer and are in the polishing phase while one team will be doing the filming in September. So it’s time to start working with in-video quizzes and planning for things such as pre-course survey. On September 12 we have invited Tanja Bie from Leiden University, who will be meeting with our future forum moderators/TAs and give a workshop on forum moderation. That should be fun and interesting!

Yesterday I spoke with Peter Arnfalk, who is coordinating the Greening the economy course. I was thrilled to hear about their experiences from working with our student film team headed by Julius Kvissberg. They have had such a fun time together and the students have done a great job. Here is a short video depicting that process.

We have a lot of exciting MOOC events coming up during the fall that we will report about in this blog  so stay tuned!

Om Marita

I am an assistant professor in Chinese at the Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University. For the past couple of years I have been working at Lund University Centre for Educational Development (CED), mainly with projects and support activities for teachers regarding online teaching and learning in higher education such as visual learning media, online learning environments, digital tools for teaching etc. SInce February 2014 I manage the Lund University MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) project.
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