Last week we finalized our third Coursera MOOC, Global perspectives on Sexual and reproductive Health and Rights. Though this course does not boast as many participants as the other two MOOCs, Greening the Economy: Lessons from Scandinavia and Introduction to European Business Law, it has more than surprised us when it comes to participants’ engagement and interactions in the forum. People have discussed everything from youth sexuality to genital mutilation, from HBTQ issues to access to abortion, from sexual violence to sexual education in schools. The tone has been friendly and supportive and there has been an amazing exchange of views and experiences from participants all over the world.

It is truly a privilege for us university teachers to see that these courses can really make a change and inspire people. People such as Amanda from Brazil, who tell us the course on Green economy has inspired her to propose a sustainability review of her university, in order to make it a greener place. Or any of the other hundreds of people who have told us these courses have improved their understanding of and skills in any of the three topics we have introduced in these MOOCs.

Last week we visited Karolinska Institutet to participate in a jointly (KI, Chalmers, Uppsala University and Lund) organized conference MOOCs in Scandinavia. We presented our experiences from our first MOOCs and listened to other very interesting presentations from the Nordic countries and elsewhere. Our presentation, It’s in the process, not just the product (Marita Ljungqvist & Maria Hedberg) can be found here.

We recently published a half time report from our three year long MOOC project, where we present data from the courses as well as our experiences from his first 1 1/2 year. The report can be found here (it’s in Swedish).

Midsummer’s Eve and the summer holidays are approaching and we are looking forward to some relaxing times, and after that a new semester filled with MOOC work. Our three courses will relaunch in a second session, and we will work with the production of at least three more MOOCs. More on that after the holidays, so stay tuned!

Have a great summer everyone!

Photo by Håkan Dahlström, CC By 2.0

Photo by Håkan Dahlström, CC By 2.0

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Open seminar about the MOOC project and first experiences from the SRHR MOOC

On Wednesday May 27 we held an open seminar in the LUX building about the MOOC project. It was the second open seminar since the project start and this time we had the opportunity to show some results from the first courses and present our experiences from the first round of courses. Around 35 people showed up and another 20 followed the seminar online. Anette Agardh from the Medical Faculty, Peter Arnfalk from IIIEE and Magnus Svensson and Johan Schierwagen from the Faculty of Law participated and all gave 15-20 minute long presentations about their experiences and results from the first courses.

Anette, Johan and Magnus

Anette, Johan and Magnus





The audience

Part of the audience

We were happy to see so many people there and there were many questions from the audience. If you didn’t get the chance to attend the seminar, you can watch it online here (it’s in Swedish):

The MOOC Global Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights is now on its last week and it has been great to see the participants engage in vivid discussions on everything from sexual education, sexual violence, abortion, maternity health and HBTQ issues, bringing up examples from all around the world. Despite the sensitive nature of some of these issues, the tone in the discussions has been very friendly and helpful, and even though participants do not always agree, there has generally been a sense of mutual respect and a friendly atmosphere. If you still haven’t enrolled but want to see for yourself what the course is about, it is still open!

All in all, we are happy to soon be able to round up the first half of this 3 year long MOOc project. So far it has been a fantastic journey and the results and data we now have from the first two courses has been very interesting to analyze. We are very satisfied with the results and facts that tell us for example that the majority of the participants feel they have improved their understanding of the topics taught, that they now have a very positive view of Lund University and that the absolute majority would be very likely to recommend these courses to friends and colleagues. All teachers, librarians, administrators and film crew people have done an amazing job in pulling this together. We know that the teachers have learned more about how they can use digital media and digital tool to improve the quality of their teaching, and also that some of them liked the experience so much they are now eager to start new MOOCs. We are looking forward to seeing what the future may bring! Very soon, we will start working with new MOOC teams and will keep reporting in this blog about the process.

Finally, we are looking for people from Lund University that are interested in working with us in data/learning analytics. If you are a teacher at LU, work with data and statistics, are interested in students’ learning and would like to collaborate with us in an informal research group around MOOC learning analytics, let us know!

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Följ vårt öppna seminarium om MOOC-projektet!

Seminariet pågår mellan kl. 13.15 och ca 14.45 den 27/5 i LUX-husets övre aula, dit alla är välkomna. Om man inte kan eller vill delta på plats har man möjlighet att följa seminariet live på YouTube (här nedan) med start ca 13.15, eller se den inspelade versionen i efterhand.

Ser du seminariet live på distans och vill ställa en fråga under tiden, öppnar du en ny flik i din webbläsare och går till:

Du ställer en fråga genom att

1) Skriva in ditt namn och trycka på Join

Skärmavbild 2015-05-25 kl. 10.30.43

2) Skriva in din fråga och trycka på Say

Skärmavbild 2015-05-25 kl. 10.31.55

Vi besvarar alla frågor efter presentationerna.

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Öppet seminarium om MOOC-projektet i maj!

Tid: 27/5 kl 13.15

Plats: LUX hörsal (övre), Helgonavägen 3.

MOOC-projektet vid Lunds universitet startade i januari 2014 och tre MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses – från Lunds universitet har under våren 2015 erbjudits via plattformen Coursera:

Greening the Economy: Lessons and experience from Scandinavia (IIIEE)

Introduction to European Business Law (Juridiska fakulteten)

Global Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (Medicinska fakulteten)

Kurserna följdes av tiotusentals deltagare från hela världen och vi har nu en bild av vilka dessa deltagare är och hur de har använt sig av kursinnehållet. Vid detta öppna seminarium berättar projektledare, pedagogiska utvecklare och representanter för de tre kurserna om de pedagogiska erfarenheterna från dessa första kurser och vad det innebär att utveckla och driva en öppen nätbaserad kurs samt visar exempel på data som har samlats in under kursernas gång. Vi kommer också att diskutera frågor kring hållbarhet, learning analytics, framtida utmaningar och möjligheter. Seminariet kan också följas online med möjlighet att ställa frågor via chat i Adobe Connect Pro.

Anmäl dig här (om du vill delta online anger du det så får du en länk per email före seminariet).

För frågor om projektet eller seminariet, kontakta projektledare Marita Ljungqvist:

Varmt välkomna!

Lunds universitets MOOCs hittar du på

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Lund University’s third MOOC starts on Monday

These past weeks we have been collecting data from the two courses that finished up in March, so that we can present it in a report before summer. It has been an amazing experience to look at the data and see what people have said about the courses. In the report we will try to address among other things how we have worked throughout the project to achieve the main objectives, and of course present the results from the first courses. Except for two surveys to the participants in each course (a welcome survey and an exit survey) and Coursera’s own mini surveys, we have also conducted a small survey with the instructors and staff involved in producing the course, to get an idea of their experiences and thoughts around the work. We have also recently set up a pilot survey for the Greening the Economy course that we might copy to the other courses as well, were we ask participants to share their story and their personal experience from the course, how it will influence their personal and professional life etc. We are looking forward to read the stories!

Our third MOOC: Global Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights starts on Monday April 27th and naturally we are very excited to see how the course will turn out and what the participants will think. Yesterday, we held a small workshop on forum moderating for two of the TAs on the course, Vikas and Linnéa. Mark and Daniel, TAs from the Greening the Economy course kindly visited the workshop and shared their experiences from moderating the discussion forums with Linnéa and Vikas. They handed out very helpful advice both on the practical work and of how they managed the collaborative task of working as a team in different shifts everyday. They had set up a detailed worksheet shared by all members of the TA team that they also shared with us so that future MOOC teams can make use of their schedules and how they divided the work between each other.


Next week, I (Marita) will be going to the LERU (Leading European Research Universities network)  e-learning working group meeting in Munich to meet with other members of the group. Large focus will be on MOOCs also this time, and I’m looking forward to sharing experiences from that meeting at the blog.

I will end this post with a fun experience: One of the participants in the Greening the Economy course, Zhao Chenyao from China, liked the course so much that he actually came to Sweden to visit the International Institute for Industrial and Environmental economics (IIIEE) and is spending a couple of weeks here in Lund to learn more about green economy and sustainable development. So cool!

MOOC student Chenyao

We are now discussing the start date for our next round of these courses (Greening the Economy and European Business Law).

But first, our last MOOC for this semester: Global Perspectives on Sexual and reproductive Health and Rights. You can’t miss this. Don’t forget to enroll here!


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Our first completed MOOCs

It’s been a long time since this blog was updated, for many reasons – one being of course that we have been busy running and evaluating our first two MOOCs! Since a few weeks ago, our courses on European Business Law and Greening the economy are successfully wrapped up and we have now started the evaluation process. Both courses have been amazingly run by the teams at the two faculties and the teaching assistants have done a great job moderating the forums. It has been such a joy to visit the forums and watch people from all over the world engage in discussions around topics such as the costs of green products and public procurement. A thread about paper or plastic grocery bags alone inspired 226 posts! So much engagement from the participants. The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics now find themselves buried (in a good way) under thousands of fantastic examples (handed in as a final assignment) of green products, cities and companies from all over the world, described though text, pictures, videos and links. What a goldmine!

Skärmavbild 2015-03-27 kl. 15.43.49

We are now evaluating the data and trying to understand what happened during these weeks, what the participants liked, what they didn’t like, what they feel they have learned and what kind of impact this may have on our university and on the faculties that have produced the courses. We want to discuss with the faculties how the material and the experience can be used to improve our regular provision at the university. We want o find out what the involved teachers, administrators and teaching assistants thought about the experience. And we also need to think about the future. In what form will these courses be offered again? And how can we benefit from this experience when we start producing new courses?

Lund University will produce at least two more courses during 2014, one or two courses on academic writing and one course on academic teaching. The production will start during the fall and the courses are planned to start during spring/summer 2016. But it looks like these might not be the only MOOCs we will be offering, as interest is high and many teachers and faculties are now becoming curious and want to better understand how we can use MOOCs as a way of spreading knowledge and improving our teaching.

If you want to find out more about the data from the two courses we have just completed, you will see some preliminary results here and here.

Our third MOOC, Global Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights will start on April 27! Don’t forget to enroll!

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Conference in Stockholm and first Google Hangout in our MOOCs

Last week I attended and presented at a conference in Stockholm. It was The Swedish Confederation for Professional Employees (TCO) that organized a conference on higher education. One of the sessions was called ”Online learning is not the future. It is the present” and included three short presentations by representatives from Karolinska Institutet (KI), Lund University and Dalarna University. The presentations were followed by a panel discussion with the presenters (Jan Olov Höög from KI, Stefan Rodheim from Dalarna University and myself from Lund University), a student from Uppsala University (Karolina Andersdotter) and a professor in informatics from Högskolan Väst (Lars Svensson), moderated by Stefan Hrastinski from Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology.  There was also time for some questions from the audience. Since both KI and Lund has just last year ventured into the MOOC arena, the conversation naturally to a rather large extent concentrated upon massive open online courses, but there was also a general discussion on online learning, retention in online courses, flipped classroom/blended learning etc. The session was recorded and can be viewed in its entirety here.

Last Friday was an exciting day for the Institute for International Industrial Environmental Economics since they then hosted their first Google Hangout on Air in the course Greening the Economy. A hangout is a kind of webinar that can be watched by thousands of people simultaneously. This particular instance of a hangout did not invite participants to talk and ask questions during the session, although that is also a possibility (only ten people can participate online at the same time).  The hangout included a panel with first student TAs and then three of the instructors, all interviewed by Peter Arnfalk, the course coordinator. Questions that had turned up in the discussion forums were answered and discussed during this one hour long session. There will be a similar hangout every Friday from now on, and all of them will be published on Youtube.

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”Greening the Economy: Lessons from Scandinavia” is up and running!

Last week we were invited to participate in the pre-launch event at IIIEE, celebrating both the institute’s 20th anniversary and the new MOOC – as Peter Arnfalk put it: ”one of the greatest events in the history of the institute”. The kick-off was also aired for participants in the MOOC and in an office next to the hall were it was hosted, Peter held interviews with people involved in the MOOC-production that were broadcasted for the international audience. We are very excited to get to know the participants and watch as the course unfolds!


Lena Neij and Peter Arnfalk proposing a toast to the institute and the MOOC


Charlotte Leire, Kes McCormick and Håkan Rohde have all taken part in the production of the Greening the Economy course


Peter Arnfalk interviews the Commmunity TAs in a Google hangout on air during the kick-off.

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Kicking off Greening the economy!

Today we are invited to join the IIIEE MOOC team as they celebrate their 20th anniversary and also the start of their first MOOC: Greening the Economy: Lessons from Scandinavia. The event will be broadcasted to interested people all over the world so that they too can learn about IIIEs work and their first massive open online course, that has already attracted more than 16 000 people. Anyone can join the Google hangout as it starts at 3.30 pm CET. The actual course starts on Monday the 19th so don’t forget to enroll now so that you don’t miss out on the fun.

Happy weekend!

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Our first MOOC is running!

Most of us have had a couple of well deserved weeks of rest during the Christmas holidays. Except for the hard-working student coordinators at the Faculty of Law, who have been working day and night to get Lund University’s first MOOC up and running, of course. The new semester started with a bang already on January the 5th, when Introduction to European Business Law was opened to 25 000 learners from 187 countries. So cool. The forums are already bustling with energy and engaged learners from all over the world are discussing, asking questions, learning from each other. We have a competent student staff ready to help out as well. These next few weeks will be very interesting and we are of course curious to see how many of these enrolled will actually engage in and complete the course. With over 2000 followers on the course Facebook page, I think there will be a lot of interesting discussions in social media as well.

No time for rest: On January 19th our second MOOC – Greening the Economy: Lessons from Scandinavia –  opens to the public. Don’t forget to enroll (I happen to know they are offering amazing video lectures and a lot of cool examples of how individuals and company can contribute to a greener planet)! Here is one example of what you will learn in the course.


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